RedBarn Natural Meaty Beef KNUCKLE Bone


RedBarn Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones are made of 100% natural ingredients without any sort of artificial additives, flavors or chemicals. These tough, durable dog chews truly pack a punch of flavor, since there’s still plenty of meat left on the bone for your dog’s chewing pleasure! And because they’re made in the USA, you can only expect the best quality on the market today.

Have your dog sink his teeth into this delicious dog bone; PLUS its a great dental chew!!

About Redbarn Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones

There are so many clever dog products to choose from today. So, why go with Redbarn Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones? There a few things that make these dog treats so great, but here are just a few of ’em:

They’re all-natural – Let’s get real: Unfortunately, many dog products out there hardly contain any natural ingredients. They’re chock full of artificial ingredients and added flavors that are hard to pronounce. Who wants to feed those to their dog?

With Redbarn Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones, you can expect that your pup will only receive the best-tasting, healthiest product on the market. Each knuckle is made of only one ingredient, beef bone, without anything artificial added to it. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

They’re made in the USA – Many dog treats and chews are manufactured in places that have little regard for the quality of their products. However, Redbarn makes its Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones right here in the USA to ensure the best quality possible. Buying American made not only guarantees that your dog receives the safest and healthiest product on the market, but it also helps support our country’s economy. It’s a win-win all-around!

They’re affordable – Isn’t it silly that some healthy products are so expensive? We think so, which is why we offer RedBarn Meaty Knuckle Dog Bones at a discount on bulk orders. We also offer a handy Auto Delivery option to help you save time when shopping for your pet! Shopping for healthy dog bones shouldn’t be time-consuming or expensive.

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